Etsy Scraper

Etsy Scraper

Scrape goods on

Using this tool you can scape goods on

The tool grabs the following fields:

  • name of the product
  • images
  • seller name
  • seller's shop url
  • seller sales quantity
  • seller rating
  • seller sales qunatity
  • price
  • highlights
  • listed on
  • favorites

How to use

  1. download the workflow
  2. click "run"
  3. create the spreadsheet via the "Google spreadsheet" field
  4. go to the spreadsheet
  5. place either link to the product or category or a search query on each line in the first field of the spreadsheet (its name doesn't matter).
    • Example of a search query: watch.
    • Example of a link to the product:
    • Example of a link to the category:
  6. go to the workflow
  7. run the workflow



Last update

25 September 2023

Created by

Elliot Smith

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