G2 Explorer Scraper

G2 Explorer Scraper

Workflow extracts data from G2 for analysis, offering insights on software reviews, pricing, industry, and more. Ideal for businesses andempowers.

This wokflow is a data extraction tool designed to gather valuable insights and information from the G2 website. G2 is a popular review platform that provides user-generated reviews and ratings for various business software and services.

With the G2 Explorer Scraper, users can easily access and scrape relevant data such as name, product description, rating, entry level price, industry, overview, website and language supported. This tool is particularly useful for businesses and individuals who need to analyze and compare different software solutions, discover market trends, or conduct competitive research

G2 Explorer Scraper can be useful for the following categories of users:

  • Business analysts and researchers: Researchers involved in software market analysis or market trend research can use G2 Explorer Scraper to gather and analyze data on user reviews, ratings, and rankings. This allows them to obtain valuable information about specific software solutions, their advantages and disadvantages, and incorporate them into their research reports and analytical reviews.

  • Marketing specialists: Marketers involved in competitive analysis or product strategy development can use G2 Explorer Scraper to study reviews and ratings of competitors on G2. This helps them understand user needs and preferences, identify competitive advantages and disadvantages, and make decisions based on market feedback.

  • Software providers: Software vendors can use G2 Explorer Scraper to monitor reviews and ratings of their own products on G2. This allows them to track user satisfaction, monitor feedback, and take measures to improve their products.

  • Decision-making clients: Corporate executives and decision-makers involved in purchasing software can use G2 Explorer Scraper to gather data and conduct comparative analysis of different software solutions. This helps them make informed decisions and choose the most suitable software based on real user reviews and ratings.

Overall, G2 Explorer Scraper is beneficial for individuals or organizations that need access to valuable information about user reviews, ratings, and rankings of software on the G2 platform.


Input data

  • Keyword (Name of company)

Export data


  • Name
  • Product description
  • Rating
  • Entry level price
  • Industry
  • Overview
  • Website
  • Languages supported

Example google sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1il9_D7Z5edF4M7FqBZAditUl52QIN3fjW1O0yRN1l68/edit#gid=2023631183

How to use the G2 Explorer Scraper:

  1. Install the GoLess browser extension.
  2. Select and open the G2 Explorer Scraper at the marketplace.
  3. In the pop up window, provide the ID of the Google table and sheets name.
  4. Click "Run."

Frequently Asked Questions

How many results can the workflow give?

On one page, it can produce 1000 default results. If you change the number of rows in the Google table to the maximum. Workflow can produce up to 55,000 results.



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24 September 2023

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