Instagram auto unfollow

Instagram auto unfollow

Make mass unfollow on instagram safely

Using this workflow you can make mass unfollow on instagram safely

How to use

  1. Download the workflow
  2. click "run"
  3. place either "new" or "old" into the "Account type" field. your account can be considered old if it was registered 6 or more months ago. this parameter is used to prepare suitable limits and avoid banning your account
  4. create the spreadsheet via the "Google spreadsheet" field
  5. go to the spreadsheet, place usernames on the first sheet each on each line
  6. go to the workflow and click "run"

The workflow will unfollow from users you've specified until it reached the limit (60 users for the old accounts and 30 for newers) or until there are no users left in the spreadsheet




Last update

28 September 2023

Created by

Elliot Smith

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