Instagram Follower Collector

Instagram Follower Collector

Extract followers and profile data from any Instagram account into a CSV.

In the modern world of social media, Instagram is one of the most popular and top apps in terms of app usage duration. While it might not be the trendy newcomer, it still can boast 500 million daily users. Why is it popular? Well...probably because of its perfect balance: it's not as rapid as TikTok and more captivating than Facebook, keeping people scrolling, tapping, and swiping longer.

This popularity made it an important hub linking young adults, trendsetters, millennials, and brands. Think of it not just as a platform for sharing photos; it's a commerce engine that connects creators, brands, and consumers.

Why scrape Instagram followers?

Every account, whether it's your personal profile or a major brand, holds its value. The greater its value, the more it attracts people's interest. Those interested people are called followers. The most exciting thing is that, in many cases, the followers of a specific account share common interests. For example, the followers of a local SPA or massage salon are definitely interested in wellness. Similarly, a football star's followers are probably keen on this sport. So, technically, these followers represent ready-made audiences you can engage with.

To begin interacting with these followers, you need to collect them. However, it goes beyond human capabilities if we are talking about a couple of thousands(or even millions). In this article, we will show you how to scrape data and collect Instagram followers automatically without technical knowledge.

How to use Instagram followers scraper by GoLess?

GoLess is a browser automation and web scraper tool that automates website actions quickly. It has a pre-built workflow for exporting followers from public Instagram profiles. Or in other words, it offers an instrument to retrieve followers from any public Instagram account and save them into an organized CSV file.

Step 1.
Ensure that is accessible and you are logged in to your account.

Step 2.
Open a new tab, go to the GoLess marketplace, sign up, locate the Instagram followers automation here, click "Open and edit": Step 2 Image

Step 3.
On the opened workflow, click "Copy for edit": Step 3 Image

Step 4.
And on the next window, just run the automation: Step 4 Image

Step 5.
Next, type the account name and the number of followers you want to collect. Please note that for verified accounts, the number of scraped followers is limited to 50 at this moment. Also, here you can connect Google Sheets and export data there. Step 5 Image

Step 6.
Next, wait and don't touch your keyboard and mouse. The automation will imitate user actions and gather followers. The duration may vary based on the follower count, typically spanning a few minutes. At the end, you will receive a CSV file with the list.

What about the official Instagram API?

Instagram API provides a great solution to get followers' data. But to gain access to Instagram API, you must establish a particular developer account, acquire permissions, generate access tokens, and integrate them with the API. All this definitely requires some technical knowledge and time, while the GoLess solution is already available and free to use.

To summarize

The difference between manual and automated data collection is significant. Scraping Instagram profiles with the GoLess solution is a simple and enjoyable experience. This can be a helpful tool for enhancing your business, boosting sales, and expanding your followers.

Nonetheless, it's important to tread carefully when employing such tools as Instagram terms of use prohibit scraping activities, as they can potentially compromise user privacy. It's safe to play with it and gather followers for yourself. However, it is essential to remember the platform's rules against scraping and utilize such tools responsibly.



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25 September 2023

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