Instagram following collector

Instagram following collector

Scrape following users in quantity

Using this tool you can easily scrape list of the user's following users

The workflow grabs the following fields:

  • username
  • profile picture
  • name of the user
  • user id
  • is private
  • is verified

How to use

  1. download the workflow
  2. click "run"
  3. create or select google spreadsheet (if you have one) via the "Google spreadsheet" field
  4. go to the spreadsheet, in the first sheet you need to place usernames each on each line
  5. go to the workflow and click "run"

In other words, you need to create google spreadsheet via the "Google spreadsheet" field and place usernames on the first sheet each on each line. Once it will done go back to the workflow and click "run"

I hope there is no misunderstanding about it. Enjoy the workflow or customize it!



Last update

25 September 2023

Created by

Elliot Smith

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