Instagram Story Viewer

Instagram Story Viewer

Automatically view unviewed stories on Instagram.

Viewing your friends' stories on Instagram can be a useful tool for promoting your account, as it can lead to more followers and attention on your profile.

When you view your friends' stories, they may notice your name in their list of views and possibly visit your profile. If they like your profile, they may decide to subscribe to you to learn more about your posts and activity.

GoLess Products have always been straightforward and easy to use, So is the GoLess Instagram Story Viewer. All you need to do is just:

  1. Register on our website, download the extension. And install this workflow.

  2. Now login to your instagram account, Once you are logged in.

  3. Start the workflow. This Instagram Web Story Viewer will automatically start viewing the unviewed stories. No further action will be required from your side.

Stay connected and increase your visibility on instagram with this automated Instagram Story Viewer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Instagram Story Views work?

Workflow quickly scrolls through your friends' stories in the web version of instagram.

How does Instagram organize story views?

Generally, the latest stories are seen at the top of the list, but as the user interacts with different accounts, pages and stories, Instagram's algorithm takes note of the user's behavior and preferences. This leads to the system displaying the stories that are deemed more relevant to the user’s interest.

Can you see who views your story on instagram?

Yes, you can see who views your story on Instagram. Instagram provides a list of accounts that have viewed your story within the past 24 hours. However, this list is only available to the account owner and is not visible to other users.



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21 September 2023

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