Trustpilot Extractor

Trustpilot Extractor

Extract & collect data from the online review community, Trustpilot. Automates data retrieval for businesses & researchers.

This workflow designed to extract and collect data from the Trustpilot platform. Trustpilot is an online review community that allows users to share their experiences and opinions about various businesses and services.

The Trustpilot Extractor workflow involves a systematic process of accessing Trustpilot's website and automatically extracting information. The purpose of this workflow is to obtain valuable insights and statistics for analysis or monitoring purposes.

This workflow be useful for various individuals or entities, including:

  • Businesses and Brands: Companies can leverage the Trustpilot Scraper page to monitor customer feedback and reviews about their products and services. This allows them to gain insights into their reputation, identify areas for improvement, and address customer concerns more effectively.

  • Competitor Analysis: Marketers and businesses can utilize the Trustpilot Scraper page to collect reviews and ratings of their competitors. This helps them benchmark their performance, identify competitive advantages, and strategize accordingly.

  • Market Researchers: Researchers studying consumer behavior, market trends, or customer satisfaction can benefit from the Trustpilot Scraper page. By analyzing a large volume of reviews and ratings, they can gain valuable insights into customer preferences, sentiment analysis, and emerging patterns in various industries.

  • Reputation Management Agencies: Agencies specializing in reputation management can utilize the Trustpilot Scraper page to gather feedback data from multiple clients. This enables them to monitor and manage online reputations more efficiently, addressing negative reviews promptly and enhancing overall brand perception.

  • Consumer Advocacy Groups: Organizations focused on consumer rights and advocacy can utilize the Trustpilot Scraper page to gather evidence and public sentiment related to products or services. This data can be used to support advocacy campaigns, investigate potential issues or scams, and raise awareness among the public.


Input data

  • URL of page

Export data


  • URL
  • Title
  • Rating
  • Countrieview
  • Name of members
  • Bio of members
  • Date of experience
  • Country

Example google sheet:

How to use the Trustpilot Extractor:

  1. Install the GoLess browser extension.
  2. Select and open the Trustpilot Extractor at the marketplace.
  3. In the pop up window, provide the ID of the Google table. Specify the quantity of URLs at the table.
  4. Click "Run."

Frequently Asked Questions

How many results can the workflow give?

On one page, it can produce 1000 default results. If you change the number of rows in the Google table to the maximum. Workflow can produce up to 55,000 results.



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21 September 2023

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