YouTube Ad skipper

YouTube Ad skipper

Skip YouTube ads that play before or during video playback.

We all love watching YouTube videos, but endless ads can be frustrating. Understandably, ads are necessary to keep the platform free, but sometimes they can ruin our viewing experience.

GoLess solves the problem with a YouTube Ad Skipper workflow. With this handy tool, you can seamlessly skip those annoying ads and get straight to the content you want to watch.

This article will teach you how to use the YouTube Ad Skipper workflow to automate skipping YouTube ads.

What is the YouTube Ad Skipper?

The YouTube Ad Skipper is a game-changing workflow available on GoLess Marketplace. Unlike a typical ad blocker, which blocks ads entirely, the YouTube Ad Skipper intelligently detects the 'Skip Ad' button and activates it automatically. This ensures you jump straight into your desired content without manual intervention.

How to use the YouTube Ad Skipper Workflow

  1. Visit GoLess Marketplace: Navigate to the GoLess Marketplace, search “YouTube Ad Skipper,” and install the workflow.

  2. Select the YouTube Ad Skipper: Open your Goless Dashboard, search for the YouTube Ad Skipper workflow, and start the workflow.

  3. Watch Without Interruptions: When you play a video on YouTube, the workflow runs a script in the background. When an ad surfaces and the 'Skip Ad' button becomes available, the YouTube Ad Auto Skipper activates it, ensuring uninterrupted viewing.


Ads on YouTube can sometimes disrupt the flow, especially when you're engrossed in content. The YouTube Ad Skipper by GoLess is here to enhance your viewing experience, ensuring you savor every moment of your chosen videos without ad-induced breaks.

The Goless workflow allows you to dive into a seamless YouTube experience daily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does the YouTube Ad Skipper block all ads on YouTube?

The YouTube Ad Skipper doesn't act as an ad blocker that removes ads entirely. Instead, it automates clicking the 'Skip Ad' button when it becomes available, ensuring you can move past skippable ads more swiftly.

2. Will the YouTube Ad Skipper affect my viewing recommendations or video quality?

No, the YouTube Ad Skipper solely focuses on automating the ad-skipping process. It does not interfere with your viewing preferences, recommendations, or video quality. Your YouTube experience remains as personalized and high-quality as ever without waiting on skippable ads.



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28 September 2023

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